Corporate Services

Business management and support services

Sector: Telecommunications

Project director

Aigars Ceruss


LLC Monitoringa Centrs

Project goal

LLC Latnet Serviss established the primary target of the project – cost efficient and competent technical support for the maintenance of the data transmission network and service of corporate customers

Project outcome

Within the project:

  • A business plan was developed for establishment of an affiliate company, including a part of LLC Latnet Serviss network management service staff in the new company for the purpose of ensuring maintenance and deployment of Latnet Serviss data transmission network and technical support for corporate customers, as well as to provide similar services to other Electronic Service Providers and corporate customers;
  • Following approval of the business plan and establishment of the joint venture, Corporate Solutions hired specialists for the needs of the new company, developed salary and target systems, developed and implemented necessary processes and procedures, as well as secured necessary IT tools for fulfilment of the functions;
  • Corporate Solutions ensures business management services to LLC Monitoringa Centrs, including sales, partnership management, accounting, credit management, record keeping, etc.;

As a result of the project:

  • Monitoringa Centrs is the only outsourcing centre independent from the Electronic Communications Providers and data transmission equipment manufacturers; it supports network infrastructure and service maintenance and deployment planning for corporate customers and several other Electronic Communications Providers, as well as design and implementation of ICT solutions;
  • Monitoringa Centrs maintains networks supported by different manufacturers and supervises corporate data transmission networks even if several operators are involved in provision of the network;
  • Implementation of the business project of Monitoringa Centrs allowed LLC Latnet Serviss to benefit from the experience that Monitoringa Centrs acquired by providing services to other customers and to decrease network maintenance costs during three years;
  • Monitoringa Centrs maintains infrastructure of more than three different Electronic Communications Providers, and the company administrates many corporate data transmission networks as outsourcing service. It participates in ICT deployment projects of customers (related to data transmission network and security solutions) and IT infrastructure and application performance supervision projects.


Project duration