Corporate Consulting

Data centre security audit and consulting services

Sector: Finance

Project director

Haralds Ievednieks


One of the largest banks in Kazakhstan

Project goal

To evaluate the compliance of the infrastructure of the bank’s newly built data centre with the technical assignment, technological standards and best practice. To identify potential risks. To prepare recommendations for elimination of shortcomings and mitigation of risks. To evaluate the bank’s organization and business processes for maintenance, service and administration of the data centre, to develop recommendations for improvements.

Project outcome

Within the project, the newly constructed data centre, the back-up data centre and their infrastructure were examined, including thermograph tests. Interviews with staff in charge for maintenance of the data centre and representatives of the supplier (integrator). Technical documentation of the data centre was prepared. Interviews with the personnel responsible for development, maintenance and monitoring of telecommunications and IT infrastructure.

Risk assessment of the data centre was performed, the recommendations on escalation, security and maintenance processes were developed, identifying specific measures for elimination or mitigation of the established risks.

The proposal on organization of monitoring, maintenance and deployment of all data centres of the bank was prepared.

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Project duration