Application Performance Management with Dynatrace


The Application Performance Management platform from Dynatrace (Compuware) is the smartest and fastest time-to-value APM solution available for today’s modern application architectures. Powered by PurePath Technology, Dynatrace captures timing and PurePath Technology code level context for all transactions, end-to-end, from user click, across all tiers, to the database and back. With this exact, deep atomic level detail across 100% of transactions and infrastructure, Dynatrace enables the fastest path to root cause determination on the market – from one click to a line of code. Dynatrace is defined by the APM best practices that are designed to ensure the necessary level of visibility, right context, deep insight, and adaptability required to proactively solve application performance and end-user experience problems.


  • Monitor infrastructure and application in a unified view and gain insights into any performance root-cause in seconds;
  • See system/process metrics automatically correlated with the performance of individual transactions and which transactions are impacted by an infrastructure issue and fix them before users are impacted;
  • Trace every transaction from click to the resulting method invocation or SQL-statement;
  • Immediate runtime visibility into your globally or locally distributed app's health and impact on user experience;
  • Visualize the real-time logical topology of all your services, tiers, interdependencies and inter-tier timings and get visibility of Public Cloud, third party APIs, NGINX, VMware, Mainframe components, and more;
  • Maneuver between a high elevation of coverage and granular-level details, combine with User Experience Management to trace transactions from end-user to back-end and drill-down into any problematic transaction to get code-level details;
  • Session recording - production failures can be tracked by Ops and packaged in a variety of formats to be shared with Development for resolution without access to the Production installation.